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Benefits provided by the participants of the sponsorship program of conference MES-2018
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Sponsorship at the MES Conference

Here is a list of benefits provided by Sponsorship program of MES-2018. The list is not exhaustive - please let us know if you have your own ideas about how your company could be involved in the conference MES-2018.

Companies - sponsors of the conferenceMES-2018- have an opportunity to locate own logo in the conference venue and on its website.

General sponsorship

  • Allocation of company logo in the lobby and in the meeting rooms during the conference
  • Allocation of company logo in all the information documents and brochures, on the Proceedings of the conference
  • Allocation of company logo on the package provided by the participants of the conference

Portal of MES-2018

  • Display the company logo on each page
  • Possibility of publishing special reports related to the activities of the sponsor on the conference website

Official Partners of conference MES-2018

Logos of companies, received the status an "official partner of the MES conference" preceding list of usually sponsors.

Media Sponsor MES-2018

In this case, no need to transfer money at the account of the conference. Instead, you must add information about the upcoming MES conference in print or you own web site.

To discuss prices and other questions, relating to sponsorship support, please contact the Organizing Committee to Boriskin Vyacheslav Stepanovich.
Tel.: (499) 729-9569
3, Sovetskaya Street, Moscow 124365, Russian Federation
Institute for Design Problems in Microelectronics of Russian Academy of Sciences.

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