Technometric Identification of Integrated Circuits for Controlling Life Cycle and Counterfeit Detection

Semenov A.V., Starcev V.N., Stepanov E.N. ()
Abstract - we considered the possibility of controlling and identifying chips and other electronic products. In particular, we propose approach of identification based on measurements of analog characteristics of the product considered as a "black box". For the build system used by the instrument of biometrics and physically uncloneable functions. We get a set of properties that an identification system should possess so, than we can talk about the technometry of integrated circuits. By analogy with biometrics, the set of characteristics shall contain the following information: versatility (each typical object must have a measurable characteristic), uniqueness (how well one object separates from the other in terms of the distinction algorithm used), constancy (selected features remain unchanged over time). In relation to our approach, the classical biometric problem takes the following form: technometric verification (search for counterfeit, which means one-to-one comparison with the template) and identification (life cycle monitoring, which means a one-to-many comparison, when after the "capture" of technometric data, a database connection is established to define the object). It has shown on practice that the measurements of s-parameters allow identifying the chip and simultaneously solving the problem of identification and definition of authentic chips.

Keywords - counterfeiting, identification of integrated circuits, physically uncloneable functions, biometrics.

Технометрическая идентификация микросхем для контроля жизненного цикла и поиска контрафакта

Семенов А.В., Старцев В.Н., Степанов Е.Н. (ФГУП "18 ЦНИИ Минобороны России", г. Москва)
Аннотация - Рассмотрена возможность контроля и идентификации микросхем и других изделий электронной техники. В частности, мы предлагаем идентификацию на основе измерений аналоговых характеристик изделия, рассматриваемого как «черный ящик». Для построение системы использован аппарат биометрии и физически неклонируемых функций. Показано, что измерения s-параметров позволяют идентифицировать микросхему и одновременно решать задачу идентификации и определения подлинных микросхем.

Ключевые слова - контрафакт, идентификация интегральных микросхем, физически неклонируемые функции, биометрия.