Engineering Systems of Emulation Modules in KUB-PRO Form-factor

Ivanov A.A., Yurlin S.V. ()
Abstract - This article describes the technical solutions used to create engineering systems for emulation modules in the KUB-PRO form factor. it includes a configuration system, a reset system, a synchronization system, a power system and a remote diagnostics system. They were implemented taking into account the requirements that emerged during the analysis of the shortcomings of traditional and previous solutions for the implementation of these systems. The difficulties of integrating such solutions within a single module are shown. Such modules along with the latest high-performance FPGA-technology allow creating scalable emulation systems.

Keywords - module, emulation, hardware, FPGA, prototype, KUB-PRO.

Инженерные системы модулей эмуляции в форм-факторе КУБ-ПРО

Иванов А.А., Юрлин С.В. (ЗАО "МЦСТ", г. Москва)
Аннотация - В данной статье приведены особенности реализации инженерных систем модулей эмуляции в форм-факторе КУБ-ПРО, позволяющие строить на их основе матричные масштабируемые системы эмуляции.

Ключевые слова - модуль, эмуляция, аппаратура, ПЛИС, прототип, КУБ-ПРО.