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Listing of works with the partition by the subject of reports. Click on the work title to see its details. The selected set may be restricted by specifying a range of conference years, or by selecting a specific topic.

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ADC design problems
Cellular automata
Design of System-on-chip (SoC) and IP-blocks
Design of VLSI elements
Design of VLSI signal processors
Design of analog and mixed functional blocks of VLSI
Design of digital functional blocks of VLSI
Design of fault-tolerance systems
Design of micro-electromechanical systems
Design of nanoelectronic devices
Design of nanoelectronic devices based on Josephson junctions
Design of photodetecting VLSI
Design of radiation-resistant VLSI
Design of technological processes
Designing components for aerospace and navigation technology
Genetic algorithms in VLSI CAD
Methods and algorithms for automated layout design
Methods for high-level simulation
Methods of device technology simulation of VLSI
Methods of digital information processing and digital filters
Methods of electro-thermal simulation
Methods of logic synthesis and functional logic simulation ...
Methods of simulation of VLSI electrical characteristics
Models of devices for circuit simulation
Problems of development of sensory microcircuitry
Simulation of data transfer channels
Study of the magnetic properties of materials
Unconventional computing systems
design of memory cells
Selection on topic: Methods of simulation of VLSI electrical characteristics
Selected papers: from 2005 to 2018 year
In selection - 74 papers
About the Possibility of Chaotic Oscillations of Charge on Ferroelectric Capacitor with Negative Differential Capacity in Oscillatory Circuit with Fractal Input Voltage
Accuracy Improvement of the Interconnect Parasitic Capacitance Extraction
Adaptive method of harmonic balance
An Algorithm for determining the size of transistors, based on statistical static timing analysis
An adaptive random search algorithm for parametric identification of electronic components’ models
Analog simulation tools and their role in modern designing integrated circuits
Analysis of optimization process of analog circuits on the basis of Lyapunov function
Analysis of the Lyapunov function of the process of designing analog circuits
Analysis of the effect of accelerating the optimization of electronic circuits
Application of Selective Techniques for Parametric Model Order Reduction
Application of the maximum principle of Pontryagin for a problem of circuit optimization
Automation of synthesis of VHDL-AMS models for the mixed and analog behavioural simulation
Calculation 2D inductance for extraction problems
Combined method of calculation of parasitic elements of substrate of integrated circuits
Comparative analysis of different strategies of optimization of analog circuits
Computational method for determining phase noise in oscillators
Designing of analogue circuits as a controllable dynamic process
Designing of custom-made blocks taking into account extraction RC parasitic parameters
Design of behavioral model of sample and hold circuit based on the results of chip testing
Digital circuit IBIS-models generation with account for temperature and radiation
Dynamic model for memory cell on tunnel magnetoresistance effect
Experience of application of a reduction of parasitic elements with use of subspace Krylov methods
Framework for mathematical simulation of multi-discipline technical systems and objects in time domain FMS PA10
Hybrid methods of time-domain analysis of electronic circuits
I-V Characteristics Calculation Model of SiC Based Nanoscale Mosfet With Deep Impurities and Trap Levels
Logic-timing analysis methodology for characterization of custom blocks of digital CMOS IC
Memristor oscillator Schmitt trigger with multiple steady states of dynamic equilibrium
Method of QR-decomposition of a complex matrix by means of triangular systolic array
Method of mathematical testing of programs for transient analysis in EDA packages
Method of rule checks of electromigration in VLSI
Method of simulation of dynamics of technical systems on the basis of formal schemes
Method of small-signal analysis for the simulation of multitone radio frequency circuits
Methodology of the automated designing of radio receiver devices of digital communication systems
Methods and algorithms of the decision of the differential-algebraic equations for modelling dynamics of technical systems and objects
Methods of the parasitic extraction of interconnect in the integral circuits
Model Order Reduction Techniques with Preservation of Sparseness in Circuit Simulation
Modeling memristor circuits
Modeling of graphene electronics analog devices
Modelling of radio engineering circuits with digital modulation within the frames of VHDL-AMS simulation systems
Models of passive devices with the distributed parameters for the time domain analysis of nonlinear radio-frequency circuits
New Algorithm for the 2D Capacitance calculation in the interconnect parasitic extraction problem
Non-Stable Single Event Latch-up
Nonlinear Phase Macromodel for the Analysis of oscillator circuits
On Minimal Time of Process of Circuit Optimisation
Parameter optimization subsystem of CMOS operational amplifiers
Perturbation methods and selective methods in problems of a reduction of high-dimension models
Quasi optimal in time algorithm of designing of analog circuits
Rational Transfer Functions Approximation on the Base of Integral Accuracy Criterion
Reliability and Accuracy of ODE Systems Solution for Modeling Environment of Heterogeneous Dynamic Systems PA10
Research of stability of process of optimization of analog circuits
SADEL – extra precision solvers library for program suite PA10 (SADEL-PA10)
Scalable diode macromodel with high modeling accuracy
Semi-Natural MOSFET Compact Model
Simulation of Circuits with Ferroelectric Capacitances
Simulation of PLL Perturbation Based on Blocks Transfer Functions
Standard cell characterezition methodoligy with respect MOSFET threshold voltage variation
Structure of control vector by optimization of analog circuits
Synthesis of substrate models of SoC
The Application of Single-step High Order Integration Methods for Periodic Steady-state Analysis of Integrated Circuits
The Characterization Flow and Simulation Method of Frequency Synthesizer
The Development of the Method for Analyzing Mutual Synchronization Mode of Oscillators in Integrated Circuits
The Method of Section Approximation for Grid Optimization for Standard Cell Library Characterization
The Methods of Fast Characterization of Large Scale Integration Parameterized IP-blocks
The Numerical Algorithm for Stability Analysis of Large Dynamical Systems
The Symmetrized Memristor Relaxation Oscillator
The computational method for nonlinear distortion analysis with multitone test signals
The decision of problems of optimization and designing of schemes of electronic computers on the basis of use of hybrid intellectual methods
The general properties and modifications of reduction algorithms
The magnetic tunnel junction model for circuit design systems
The method of harmonic balance for electrothermal analysis of periodic steady states of IC
The modeling of NBTI effect in analog integrated circuits
The reduction algorithms of linear networks with inductances on the base of selective methods of elimination
The simulation method of nonlinear distortion of radio frequency circuits with digital modulation in circuit simulators
Two-level reduction of models of parasitic circuits of the high order

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