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Listing of works with the partition by the subject of reports. Click on the work title to see its details. The selected set may be restricted by specifying a range of conference years, or by selecting a specific topic.

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ADC design problems
Cellular automata
Design of System-on-chip (SoC) and IP-blocks
Design of VLSI elements
Design of VLSI signal processors
Design of analog and mixed functional blocks of VLSI
Design of digital functional blocks of VLSI
Design of fault-tolerance systems
Design of micro-electromechanical systems
Design of nanoelectronic devices
Design of nanoelectronic devices based on Josephson junctions
Design of photodetecting VLSI
Design of radiation-resistant VLSI
Design of technological processes
Designing components for aerospace and navigation technology
Genetic algorithms in VLSI CAD
Methods and algorithms for automated layout design
Methods for high-level simulation
Methods of device technology simulation of VLSI
Methods of digital information processing and digital filters
Methods of electro-thermal simulation
Methods of logic synthesis and functional logic simulation ...
Methods of simulation of VLSI electrical characteristics
Models of devices for circuit simulation
Problems of development of sensory microcircuitry
Simulation of data transfer channels
Study of the magnetic properties of materials
Unconventional computing systems
design of memory cells
Selection on topic: Methods for high-level simulation
Selected papers: from 2005 to 2018 year
In selection - 115 papers
A Fast Algorithm for Finding Vertices Accessible via Constrained Paths in a Control Flow Graph
A Method of Functional Test Generation for HDL Descriptions Based on Model Checking of High-Level Decision Diagrams
A Practical Approach to Verification of Multicore Microprocessor Models
ASIAN - Self-Timed Logic Circuits Analysis Subsystem
Accuracy Estimation of Discrete Optimization Algorithms
Adaptation of performance tests for the 64-bit universal superscalar microprocessor
Adjustable error-correcting encoder for Systems on Chip
Adoption of Genetic Algorithms for running in elastic compute environment concerning CAD applications
Advantages of Dataflow Computing Model
A fast algorithm for data dependency tracking in Software and Firmware analysis and testing
A graphical dataflow meta-language for asynchronous distributed programming
Algorithm of assigning operations for specialized processors with clusterized resources
Analysis of modern microprocessors peak performance
An approach to hardware test point insertion automation based on hardware reengineering tools
Ant algorithm for determining the critical linkages in VLSI
Architecture validation tests for RTL-model of 64-bit superscalar microprocessor
Assessment of Functional Stability of the Dynamic Sensor Network
Automated design of Networks-on-Chip with custom topology
Automation of synthesis of VHDL-AMS models for the mixed and analog behavioural simulation
Automation of verification environments development process providing a through design flow for design, verification and research of IP-blocks and SoC
Bit error rate calculation in high performance communication channels
Branches in the Dataflow Metalanguage UPL (METAL) and Methods of their Implementation in the PDCS “Buran”
CAD system for self-timed electronic circuits RONIS
Circuit Design of Synchronizing Devices Within High-speed Data Services
Combinatorial Test Program Generation for Microprocessors Based on Formal Specifications of Instruction Set Architecture
Common approaches to the FPU verification
Comparative analysis of efficiency of different variants of the dynamic programming method for solving the problem of optimal placing of elements on the chip
Complex platform of functional verification of Mentor Graphics
Creation of CAD - systems’ ontology using Protege 4.2
Debugging and testing of VLSI models with use of the prototypes realized on PLIC
Designing of regular circuits with consecutive connections of transistors
Design tools of high-performance dataflow computing systems
Development and Investigation of Algorithm of Sparse Matrices Multiplication Task for the Parallel Dataflow Computing System "Buran"
Development of Capsule Programming Means for Recurrent Data-flow Architecture
Development of Methods for Architecturally-oriented Resynthesis in the Computer-aided Design Flow for FPGAs
Development of Routing Algorithms in Networks on Chip with a Multiplicative Circulant Topology
Development of behavioural cycle-accurate model of a system-on-chip with C++
Diagnostic facilities and configurable digital systems on crystal portable integration
Dynamic management of computations in distributed systems
Engineering Systems of Emulation Modules in KUB-PRO Form-factor
Estimation of digital sensor's influence on the management systems efficiency
Evolutionary Algorithms of Test Generation for Crosstalk Faults of Digital Circuits
Evolution in the area of multicore heterogeneous video data processing systems
Generating the test program for mixed-signal integrated circuits using the automata network
Graphs of communications and placement of nodes in "networks-on-chip"
Hardware acceleration of digital simulation
High level model based verification of digital circuits behavior
Improving the efficiency of the design integrated circuits on FPGA with limited resources to trace
Interconnect Verification Methods Based on Unified Test Infrastructure
Key features of static timing analysis and SDC development for complex system-on-chip ASIC with multiple asynchronous clock domains
Mathematical model for complex digital circuits and microsystems projects debugging based on presenting the latest as a family of stationary dynamical systems
Method of automation of process of development of the crossbar for multicore system whith nonuniform memory access
Method of optimum curtailing of the scheme. The effective approach for the qualitative solution for non-polynomial combinatory problems of the large and superlarge dimensions in automated designing microelectronic devices
Methods for Computation Planning in the Parallel Dataflow Computing System "Buran"
Methods of Achieving Test Scenario Portability Between Different Verification Environments
Methods of regulation of computation in parallel dataflow computating system
Methods to improve efficiency of microprocessor model stochastic tests
MicroTESK-Based Test Program Generator for the RISC-V Architecture
Modeling and Verification of Communication Fabrics in System on Chip Design
Models and methods for SoC verification
Modernized design methodology blocks complex software and hardware systems with regard to their reliability parameters
Modern methods of functional verification RTL-models blocks for VLSI microprocessor
Modern tools of compilation of device models from high level language Verilog-A to internal representation of system Spectre
Multicriteria approach to automation of radio networks planning
On one method of defining functional coverage metrics for microprocessor testing
Optimizational transformations of VHDL-models of digital systems
Optimization for some phase of Komdiv64-RIO design flow
Package ZUBR of the automated designing of digital circuits on the basis of programmed logic integrated schemes
Placement of nodes in a heterogeneous network-on-crystal
Possibilities of The distributed subsystem topological design, built on the basis of client-server technologies
Powering the Directed VLSI Firmware and Software Testing with Data Flow Aware Limited Branch Alternation
Practical Aspects of Design Verification of Complex Chips
Problems of platform approach for System on Chip and IP cores test infrastructure creation and their solutions
Procedure of automated MCU selection for design of electronic and computer technology products
Prototyping linux kernel drivers in userspace with lua scripting language
Recognition and interpretation of erroneous behavior in simulation-based hardware verification
Reducing area and increasing compression ratio of scan compression system for digital VLSI using stuck-at fault model
Research and Development of Digital System Block Models Based on Their Description as a Stationary Dynamical System Family
Research of hardware implementation efficiency of discovering data dependences in coprocessor's pipeline of KOMDIV128-RIO processor
Research of methods and tools of verification of projects and generation of tests of microelectronic systems
Research of the model of distributed topological VLSI design by means of the hierarchical client-server architecture
Research the principles of operation of the input block for the parallel dataflow computing system
Research ways to design a dynamic branch prediction unit for promising microprocessor development by SRISA RAS
Reusable complex Soc level tests creating and debugging method
Route of designing "system-on-chip" on the basis of IP-libraries of a platform "MULTICORE"
Route of effective IC development
Route reconfiguration in RapidIO system in case of faulty connections
SATOK - System for Self-Timed Integrated Circuits Testing
Simulation at the level of transactions for system designing and debugging of systems-on-crystals
Simulation modeling for survivability evaluation of digital control systems
SoC focused technologies of brain-like quantum computing
SoC protocols specification and validation: problems and solutions
Specialized the architecture of the parallel multicore dataflow computing system for solution of task FFT
Support methods of reliability on the wireless sensor networks by criterion of the network load
Synchronous elastic circuits design and its application for H.264 CABAC decoder performance optimization
System Debugging Tools for Recurrent Computing Device
SystemVerilog assertions for verification and imitating modelling
SystemVerilog object-oriented programming features for functional verification of multi-core SoC
Technique of characterization of ROM-compiler using controlled current sources
Technology of debugging "system-on-chip" of series "MULTICORE"
The Results of the Implementation of the Copy Function on a Vector Coprocessor
The Technique for Implementing a Neural Network for Recognizing Handwritten Digits in FPGAs Based on Fixed Point Calculations
The application and implementation issues of dataflow computing system
The architecture of scheduler of mapping processor of PDCS "Buran"
The capabilities of usage virtual platforms for verification of RTL-models of complex co-processor blocks
The means for computation distribution in the PDCS "Buran" and the implementation variants of a block of hash-functions
The method of EFSM extraction from HDL: application to functional verification
The subsystem for processing structure-functional descriptions of circuits in a CAD system
Tracing of change in a condition of dynamic object in real time with use of the microprocessor module
UVM using for an autonomous verification of digital hardware
Universal scan based JTAG compatible VLSI debug structure
Using Formal Coverage Analyzer for Code Coverage Improvement
Verification of Memory Requests Arbitration Algorithm
Verification of divers systems based on integrated circuits
Virtual Tests of Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems on External Influences

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