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Listing of works with the partition by the subject of reports. Click on the work title to see its details. The selected set may be restricted by specifying a range of conference years, or by selecting a specific topic.

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ADC design problems
Cellular automata
Design of System-on-chip (SoC) and IP-blocks
Design of VLSI elements
Design of VLSI signal processors
Design of analog and mixed functional blocks of VLSI
Design of digital functional blocks of VLSI
Design of fault-tolerance systems
Design of micro-electromechanical systems
Design of nanoelectronic devices
Design of nanoelectronic devices based on Josephson junctions
Design of photodetecting VLSI
Design of radiation-resistant VLSI
Design of technological processes
Designing components for aerospace and navigation technology
Genetic algorithms in VLSI CAD
Methods and algorithms for automated layout design
Methods for high-level simulation
Methods of device technology simulation of VLSI
Methods of digital information processing and digital filters
Methods of electro-thermal simulation
Methods of logic synthesis and functional logic simulation ...
Methods of simulation of VLSI electrical characteristics
Models of devices for circuit simulation
Problems of development of sensory microcircuitry
Simulation of data transfer channels
Study of the magnetic properties of materials
Unconventional computing systems
design of memory cells
Selection on topic: Methods of digital information processing and digital filters
Selected papers: from 2005 to 2018 year
In selection - 63 papers
A New Approach in Design of IIR Digital Filters
Adaptive Antenna Array in Real-Valued Arithmetic
Adaptive arrays for digital communication systems: problems and solutions
Algorithms for adaptive filtering of nonstationary signal based on parallel computations
Analysis of problems of digital filtering and way of their solution
Application of grid representations for compression of graphical information
Application of spectrum sensing technique for the design of radio receivers of spectrally sparse signals
Application of the principles of adaptive filtering signals to the synthesis of invariant control systems unknown dynamic plants
Approximation of the central Chi-square distributions for on-line computation of the false alarm probability for energy detector
Biquad digital filters with non-canonical z-plane topography of poles
Comparative analysis of different hardware decoder architectures for IEEE 802.11ad LDPC code
Criteria of resolution of phase ambiguities for complexed multi-antenna global navigation satellite system
DAC capacity optimization for OFDMA modulation
Design features of the multipliers on the module using advanced CAD
Detector of Free Parts of Radio Frequency Spectrum
Development of fabric density measurement system on the basis of the digital filter
Development of integral digital filters for sigma-delta converters using MATLAB
Digital Adaptive Linearization of Sensors for Technological Processes
Digital Linearization of Power Amplifier Amplitude Characteristic by Adaptive Inverse Modeling
Digital radiohologram hardware-in-the-loop simulation and processing for spaceborne SAR ground tests
Digital recursive generator of the samples of chirp
Digital signal processing in airborne weather radar
Efficiency of adaptive signal processing algorithms implementation on basis of MULTICORE SoC
Evolution in the area of multicore heterogeneous video data processing systems
Fast Affine Projection Algorithm: Full Version
Fault-tolerant systolic processor for digital signal processing in modular code
Features of Limited Duration Harmonic Signal Transform by Sampling Theorem
Formulation of the stability criterion of the third order IIR digital filters in the space of coefficients of the denominator of transfer function
History, Theory and Practice of Adaptive Signal Processing
IP-Core "ACC_Cores" as part system-on-chip. Multifunctional hardware accelerator Fast Fourier Transform - FFT_RT_Core
Image compression by using tensor approximation
Improving the efficiency of the tensor approximation for image compression by using the trained dictionary
Increase of efficiency of realization of digital filters in PLIC
LMS adaptive filtering algorithm: first or unique one for practical applications?
Lattice adaptive filtering algorithms is a new component of applied library for “Multicore” VLSI signal controller
Level Quantization Impact on Accuracy of Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm
Level quantization effects in spectral analysis based on discrete Fourier transform
Methods of determination the coefficients of quasi-optimal FIR-filter for convolution of pseudorandom binary sequence
Methods of matched filtering radar broadband signals with minimum time delays
Metrological problems of spectral estimation of varying process parameters and methods for their solution by means of modern computer technology
Modern adaptive signal processing: problems and solutions
Multi-dimensional multirate systems and their implementation on different element base
Multichannel adaptive lattice filters
Narrow-band adaptive filtration in systems of digital processing signals
Optimization of structure of processing and commutation of video information digital streams in multichannel systems
Recurrent data-flow architecture: features and realization problems
Recurrent data-flow architecture: technical aspects of implementation and modeling results
Sampling theorem applied to data interpolation problem
Scalable DSP Multiprocessor
Signal Seepage Impact on the Matched Filtration Results in Radar with Continuous Emission
Simulation of unsteady modes of thermal microsensors
Spaceborne SAR spatial resolution and radiometric characteristic determination using a method of echo signal digital simulation
Synchronization of active radar target simulator for SAR tests
Synthesis of Recursive Digital Filters with Finite Word Length: Problems and Their Solutions
System for parallel processing of mobile operator traffic
The "Multicore" series processors features for signal processing in modern multifunctional radar
The Characterization Flow and Simulation Method of Frequency Synthesizer
The block of digital operative processing ůŕ matrix thermovisual photoreceiver on the basis of the signal microcontroller
The conceptual approach to construction of the device of visualization of three-dimensional images in format OpenGL on processors of a series "Multicore"
The problems of reconfigurable computer systems application for processing of UHDTV signals
Two-dimensional Adaptive Antenna Arrays in Complex-valued and Real-valued Arithmetic
Universal technique of estimation of roundoff noise of IIR filters, described by topological matrixes
Verification of Sampling Theorem Validity and Features for Specific Cases of Transformed Samples Number

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