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Bibilo P.N.

United Institute of Informatics Problems

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 Bibilo P.N., Kardash S.N., Romanov V.I.
SsVER - system of synthesis and verification of combinational logic schemes
 Bibilo P.N., Kochanov D.A.
Optimizational transformations of VHDL-models of digital systems
 Bibilo P.N., Audzeyeu M.A.
Designing of regular circuits with consecutive connections of transistors
 Romanov V.I., Bibilo P.N., Loginova I.P., Cheremisinova L.D.
Computer-aided design of topology of functional blocks of custom digital VLSI
 Bibilo P.N.
Decomposition of Boolean Functions for BDD
 Bibilo P.N., Cheremisinova L.D., Kardash S.N., Kirienko N.A., Leonchik P.V., Novokov D.Ya., Romanov V.I., Cheremisinov D.I.
Low-Power Synthesis of Logical CMOS Circuits
 Bibilo P.N., Soloviev A.L.
VHDL-Simulation-Based Evaluation of CMOS-Circuits Power Consumption
 Bibilo P.N.
Decomposition and Minimization of Binary Decision Diagrams for Systems of Specified Boolean Functions
 Bibilo P.N.
The use of VHDL models of partial Boolean functions for the design of digital circuits
 Audzeyeu M.A., Bibilo P.N.
Algorithmic Design of Digital Operational Units with Low Power Consumption

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