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Chumakov A.I.

National Research Nuclear University "MEPHI"

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 Chumakov A.I., Pechenkin A.A., Egorov A.N., Mavritskiy O.B., Baranov S.V., Vasilyev A.L., Krinitskij A.V.
SEE sensitive parameters estimation in VLSI using local laser technique
 Stenin V.Ya., Betelin V.B., Bobkov S.G., Krasnyuk A.A., Osipenko P.N., Cherkasov I.G., Chumakov A.I., Yanenko A.V.
Prospects of using submicronic CMOS VLSI in failure-proof equipment working under impact of atmospheric neutrons
 Pechenkin A.A., Vasilyev A.L., Kozlov A.A., Koltsov D.O., Orlov A.A., Tararaksin A.S., Chumakov A.I., Yanenko A.V.
Test and Computer Simulation Procedure for Single Event Effect Prediction of ICs in a Space Environment
 Chumakov A.I.
Estimation of Single Event Effect Sensitivity Parameters by Local Laser Irradiation
 Ulanova A.V., Sogoyan A.V., Chumakov A.I., Nikiforov A.Y., Petrov A.G.
Features of the radiation hardness evaluation for integrated circuits in specialized protective packages
 Egorov A.N., Mavritskiy O.B., Chumakov A.I., Pechenkin A.A., Koltsov D.O.
Automated Picosecond Laser Facility for Single Event Effects Simulation in Microelectronic Devices under Space Environment
 Chumakov A.I., Vasilyev A.L., Pechenkin A.A., Savchenkov D.V., Tararaksin A.S., Yanenko A.V.
Estimation of ICs SEE Sensitivity Using Local Laser and Pulse Gamma-Ray Technique
 Novikov A.A., Pechenkin A.A., Ryasnoy N.V., Chumakov A.I.
SEE sensitivity changes at different TID levels
 Boruzdina A.B., Ulanova A.V., Gorbunov M.S., Chumakov A.I.
Dependence of MCU Sensitivity in SRAM on Data Pattern and angle of incident
 Chumakov A.I., Savchenkov D.V., Pechenkin A.A., Mavritskiy O.B., Egorov A.N.
Experimental Verification of Some Laser Techniques' Approximations
 Chumakov A.I., Sogoyan A.V., Boruzdina A.B., Smolin A.A., Pechenkin A.A.
Mechanisms of Multiple Cell Upsets in Memory
 Boruzdina A.B., Temirbulatov M.S., Pechenkin A.A., Ulanova A.V., Yashanin I.B., Enns V.I., Yanenko A.V., Chumakov A.I.
Features of experimental research methods for memory with error correction
 Chumakov A.I.
Two-Parameter Model for Estimation SEE Sensitivity of VLSI under Ion Irradiation
 Chumakov A.I., Bobrovsky D.V., Pechenkin A.A., Savchenkov D.V., Sorokoumov G.
Non-Stable Single Event Latch-up
 Sogoyan A.V., Chumakov A.I., Smolin A.A.
Single Event Rate Evaluation for Modern ICs

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