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Yatmanov A.P.

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 Kharitonov I.A., Petrosyants K.O., Orekhov E.V., Yatmanov A.P., Sambursky L.M.
Process and device simulation of CMOS SOI VLSI elements with an account for radiation effects
 Petrosyants K.O., Kharitonov I.A., Orekhov E.V., Sambursky L.M., Yatmanov A.P., Voevodin A.V.
Investigation of single event upset reliability for SOI CMOS SRAM cells using mixed-mode 3D TCAD-SPICE simulation
 Mokeev A.S., Mansurov A.N., Yatmanov A.P.
Scalable diode macromodel with high modeling accuracy

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