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Khafizov R.Z.


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 Fetisov E.A., Fedirko V.A., Khafizov R.Z., Zolotarev V.I., Zenyuk D.A., Rudakov G.A.
Nano-electromechanical thermo-sensitive elements
 Fetisov E.A., Khafizov R.Z., Belin A.M., Rudakov G.A., Zolotarev V.I., Fedirko V.A., Rygalin D.B.
IR photosensitive MEMS elements
 Khafizov R.Z.
Infrared focal plane arrays (FPA) with thermopile thermal radiation MEMS sensors
 Belin A.M., Belin M.A., Fedirko V.A., Fetisov E.A., Khafizov R.Z.
Design Principles and Numerical Simulation of Microthermomechanical IR Imagers with Optical Readout
 Fedirko V.A., Khafizov R.Z., Fetisov E.A.
Optimal design of the MEMS thermopile element for an IR imager array
 Khafizov R.Z., Timofeev A.E.
Numerical simulation of solar radiation transmittance for textured surface silicon photovoltaic cells
 Khafizov R.Z., Pavlyuk M.I., Timofeev A.E.
Numerical Simulation of N-well MOSFET Hall Element

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