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Krupkina T.Yu.


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 Balashov A.G., Krupkina T.Yu., Tsimbalov A.S.
Criteria of a choice of models at calculation of device characteristics of submicronic transistor structures
 Korolev M.A., Krupkina T.Yu., Chaplygin Yu.A.
Problems of using device-technological simulation as tool of designing and ways of their solution
 Adamov Yu.F., Gorshkova N.M., Krupkina T.Yu.
The Utilization of Photolayers for Bipolar Transistors Implementation in Typical CMOS Process
 Krupkina T.Yu., Rodionov D.V.
The analysis of dynamic processes of interference distribution in substrates of integrated elements with methods of device-technological simulation
 Losev V.V., Chaplygin Yu.A., Krupkina T.Yu.
New methods of construction of microelectronic digital systems with low power consumption
 Chaplygin Yu.A., Krupkina T.Yu., Krasukov A.Yu., Artamonova Ye.A.
Investigation of depencencies of high voltage SOI-MOSFETs safe operating area on structual and process-dependent parameters
 Artamonova Ye.A., Golishnikov A.A., Krupkina T.Yu., Rodionov D.V., Chaplygin Yu.A.
TCAD simulation of nanometer MOSFET on the assumption of the surface roughness at Si/SiO2 interface
 Losev V.V., Krupkina T.Yu., Chaplygin Yu.A.
Resonant energy efficiency driver
 Artamonova Ye.A., Klyuchnikov A.S., Krasukov A.Yu., Krupkina T.Yu., Shelepin N.A.
Calibration of numerical TCAD model for 180 nm SOI MOSFETs
 Krupkina T.Yu., Krasukov A.Yu., Artamonova Ye.A.
Numerical model for MISFETs characterization
 Chaplygin Yu.A., Krupkina T.Yu., Krasukov A.Yu., Artamonova Ye.A.
Influence of CMOS Hall Effect Sensor Layout on its Magnetic Sensitivity
 Krupkina T.Yu., Krasukov A.Yu., Artamonova Ye.A.
One dimensional process and device simulation using spreadsheets
 Chaplygin Yu.A., Krupkina T.Yu., Krasukov A.Yu., Artamonova Ye.A.
0.5 um SOI CMOS for Extreme Temperature Applications
 Losev V.V., Chaplygin Yu.A., Krupkina T.Yu., Putrya M.G.
Features of processing and transmitting information in computing devices
 Datsuk A.M., Balashov A.M., Timoshenkov V.P., Krupkina T.Yu.
Electro-thermal Simulation of a Bandgap
 Chaplygin Yu.A., Krupkina T.Yu., Korolev M.A., Krasukov A.Yu., Artamonova Ye.A.
Comparison of Double-gate Junctionless and Traditional MOSFETs by Means of TCAD

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