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Petrosyants K.O.

Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical University)

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 Petrosyants K.O., Ryabov N.I., Kazakov V.I., Makeev V.V., Rusakov D.N., Chirkin G.K.
Simulation of transistor structures of power electronics
 Chernyj A.I., Bogatyrev V.N., Povarnitsyna Z.M., Petrosyants K.O., Kharitonov I.A., Karelin A.A.
Design and development of SOI CMOS OA
 Petrosyants K.O., Kozynko P.A.
Enhancing subsystem for thermal simulation of PCB in Mentor Graphics EDA
 Petrosyants K.O., Shirabajkin D.B.
Mathematical simulation of electromigratory faulures of interlayer connection of VLSI
 Petrosyants K.O., Torgovnikov R.A.
The comparative analysis of circuit simulation models of SiGe heterojunction transistor
 Petrosyants K.O., Ryabov N.I., Kharitonov I.A., Kozynko P.A.
Electro-thermal simulation process implementation in Mentor Graphics IC Station
 Kharitonov I.A., Petrosyants K.O., Orekhov E.V., Yatmanov A.P., Sambursky L.M.
Process and device simulation of CMOS SOI VLSI elements with an account for radiation effects
 Petrosyants K.O.
Thermal simulation of MES components: from submicronic VLSI elements up to complex electronic blocks
 Petrosyants K.O., Torgovnikov R.A.
Features of simulation of SiGe:C heterojunction bipolar transistor
 Petrosyants K.O., Ryabov N.I.
Temperature sensors modeling for smart power ICs
 Petrosyants K.O., Kharitonov I.A., Orekhov E.V., Sambursky L.M., Yatmanov A.P., Voevodin A.V.
Investigation of single event upset reliability for SOI CMOS SRAM cells using mixed-mode 3D TCAD-SPICE simulation
 Gryaznov E.G., Mansurov A.N., Petrosyants K.O.
Radiation hardened EEPROM structures integrated with SOI CMOS techology
 Petrosyants K.O., Kharitonov I.A., Adonin A.S., Sidorov A.V., Aleksandrov A.V.
Digital circuit IBIS-models generation with account for temperature and radiation
 Petrosyants K.O., Kozhukhov M.V.
Si BJT and SiGe HBT TCAD simulation taking into account radiation effects
 Petrosyants K.O., Ismail-zade M.R., Sambursky L.M., Kharitonov I.A.
SPICE-Models of Field-Effect Transistors with MOSFET and JFET Structures in the Temperature Range down to 200C

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