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Kirichenko P.G.


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 Evlampiev B.E., Vlasov A.O., Kirichenko P.G., Kochnov A.A.
Optimization for some phase of Komdiv64-RIO design flow
 Vlasov A.O., Evlampiev B.E., Kirichenko P.G., Kochnov A.A., Pominova A.A.
Phisical Design Flow optimization for Komdiv64-RIO processor
 Buyakova O.N., Kirichenko P.G., Osina S.E., Sysoeva O.V., Tarasov I.V.
Register file base elements and design flow development for SOI 0.25-micron technology
 Sysoeva O.V., Agafonov A.E., Kirichenko P.G.
Spread spectrum clock generator design methods
 Kirichenko P.G., Solovyeva L.A., Tarasov I.V.
Design of Power Efficient 14-port Register File and Translation Lookaside Buffer in 28-nm Process

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