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Ryzhenko N.V.

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 Ryzhenko N.V.
A physical synthesis to islands of cells with the same diffusion width
 Ryzhenko N.V.
Standard Cell Routing via Boolean Satisfiability
 Sorokin A.A., Ryzhenko N.V.
Transistor placement at standard cell level
 Ryzhenko N.V., Sorokin A.A., Bykov S.A.
Synthesis of memory units using a description of design rules via Boolean functions of layout objects
 Ryzhenko N.V., Sorokin A.A., Bykov S.A., Talalay M.S.
Minimization of undesired layout patterns during standard cell synthesis
 Talalay M.S., Ryzhenko N.V.
Algorithm for design rule violation clean-up after physical design
 Bykov S.A., Ryzhenko N.V., Sorokin A.A.
Automatic Determining of Auxiliary Constraints at Boundaries for Standard Cells Synthesis Flow
 Ryzhenko N.V., Bykov S.A., Sorokin A.A.
Routing of Memory Bits Cells with Automated Construction of Boundary Layout Constraints

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