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Timoshenkov V.P.


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 Chaplygin Yu.A., Timoshenkov V.P., Shevyakov V.I., Adamov Yu.F.
Electrostatic protection of BiCMOS IC's
 Chaplygin Yu.A., Adamov Yu.F., Timoshenkov V.P.
Using of VBIC model for SiGe integrated circuit application
 Timoshenkov V.P., Rodionov D.V., Khlybov A.I., Musatkin A.S., Vertianov D.V.
3D flexible microwave polyimid T-line assembly for system in package
 Timoshenkov V.P., Khlybov A.I., Rodionov D.V., Efimov A.G., Chaplygin Yu.A.
Thermo Researching of X-band Microwave Amplifier
 Datsuk A.M., Balashov A.M., Timoshenkov V.P., Krupkina T.Yu.
Electro-thermal Simulation of a Bandgap

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