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Krasnyuk A.A.

National Research Nuclear University "MEPHI"

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 Aryashev S.I., Krasnyuk A.A., Chibisov P.A.
Adaptation of performance tests for the 64-bit universal superscalar microprocessor
 Krasnyuk A.A., Stenin V.Ya.
Simulation of SEU failures in submicronic SoS CMOS cells of memory in view of temperature effects
 Zharkov I.A., Krasnyuk A.A., Stenin V.Ya.
Reduction of influence of single interference in submicronic trigger memory cells
 Krasnyuk A.A., Stenin V.Ya., Cherkasov I.G., Yakovlev A.V.
The analysis of operability łą submicronic RAM CMOS VLSI at extreme thermal modes
 Stenin V.Ya., Betelin V.B., Bobkov S.G., Krasnyuk A.A., Osipenko P.N., Cherkasov I.G., Chumakov A.I., Yanenko A.V.
Prospects of using submicronic CMOS VLSI in failure-proof equipment working under impact of atmospheric neutrons
 Krasnyuk A.A., Petrov K.A.
Features of application ECC methods in sub-100 nm SRAMs for space systems
 Krasnyuk A.A., Orlov O.M., Imametdinov A., Maryina E.
Development and modeling for submicron PDCFET transistors
 Kiseleva A.A., Krasnyuk A.A., Trepalin A.P.
Comparative analysis of the memory elements and sense amplifiers for high-temperature VLSI RAM

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