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Listing of all the works of the organization. Click on the work title to get the full information.

 Nuzhnov E.V., Lebedev B.K.
Heuristics of netless final layout of unrouted nets in the commutational block
 Dvornikov O.V., Tchekhovski V.A., Krutchinsky S.G., Shchekin D.A., Shcherbinin I.P., Prokopenko N.N., Starchenko E.I.
Practical developments and projects for substitution of import and IP-projects on base of radiation-resistant analog array chip
 Kovalev A.V., Budyakov A.V.
The built-in DSCA block with interface AMBA AHB
 Konoplev B.G., Kovalev A.V.
The complete set of complex-functional blocks for systems of processing and transfer of videoimages
 Pyavchenko O.N., Krutchinsky S.G., Klevtsov S.I., Pyavchenko A.O., Panich A.E.
Ways of creation intellectual sensors of pressure used for substitution of import ones
 Pyavchenko O.N., Krutchinsky S.G., Klevtsov S.I., Pyavchenko A.O.
Features of structurally functional construction of the precision intellectual microprocessor converter of the intellectual pressure sensor
 Klevtsov S.I., Pyavchenko O.N., Udod E.V.
Method of multisegment approximation of calibrating characteristics for precision calculations of pressure in intellectual sensors
 Bychkov N.A., Kovalev A.V.
Subsystem of CAD for synthesis of the encoder/decoder IP-cores for convolution turbo codes
 Pyavchenko O.N.
The architecture of a cluster of the distributed intelligence system of collection and processing of signals of sensors of physical quantities
 Gladkov L.A., Lisovtsova A.E.
The decision of problems of optimization and designing of schemes of electronic computers on the basis of use of hybrid intellectual methods
 Pyavchenko O.N.
The organisation of the synchronously-asynchronous decision of problems of gathering and processing of the information of gauges in intellectual microprocessor modules

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