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Listing of all the works of the organization. Click on the work title to get the full information.

 Glushkov A.V., Belyaev A.A., Putrya F.M., Alekseev I.N., Mironova Yu.V.
“MULTICORE” platform IP-library of SoC peripherals
 Balashov A.G., Krupkina T.Yu., Tsimbalov A.S.
Criteria of a choice of models at calculation of device characteristics of submicronic transistor structures
 Kozlov A.V., Parmenov Yu.A.
Development of an optimum design of a magnetic field sensor on the basis of lateral magnetic transistor using tools of device technological simulation
 Djigan V.I.
Efficiency of adaptive signal processing algorithms implementation on basis of MULTICORE SoC
 Glebov A.L.
Methods of statistical timing analysis of digital circuits
 Gavrilov S.V., Glebov A.L.
Noise analysis of digital circuits with accounting of logic constraints
 Korolev M.A., Krupkina T.Yu., Chaplygin Yu.A.
Problems of using device-technological simulation as tool of designing and ways of their solution
 Korolev M.A., Krasukov A.Yu.
Using TCAD in designing the planar powerful MOS-transistors having the raised breaking-down voltage in the off-state
 Gavrilov S.V., Glebov A.L., Lyalinskaya O.V., Solovyev R.A.
Application of standard cell characterization results in statistical timing analysis
 Amelichev V.V., Polomoshnov S.A., Chaplygin Yu.A.
Development and designing of integrated thermoelements
 Djigan V.I.
Lattice adaptive filtering algorithms is a new component of applied library for “Multicore” VLSI signal controller
 Djigan V.I.
Modern adaptive signal processing: problems and solutions
 Putrya F.M.
Optimization of structure of controllers of serial buses. The solution of problems of lack of pins of a integrated circuit and loading of the processor at data transmission
 Solovyev R.A., Glebov A.L., Gavrilov S.V.
Static timing analysis aware false conduct path detection in terms of logic implication
 Adamov Yu.F., Gorshkova N.M., Krupkina T.Yu.
The Utilization of Photolayers for Bipolar Transistors Implementation in Typical CMOS Process
 Djigan V.I.
Adaptive arrays for digital communication systems: problems and solutions
 Djigan V.I.
Algorithms for adaptive filtering of nonstationary signal based on parallel computations
 Muhanyuk N.N.
Development of technologically independent method of designing analog IC on the basis of library of parametrical cells
 Chernyh A.V.
Digital sigma-delta modulator
 Bragin K.R., Gavrilov S.V., Kagramanyan E.R.
Logic-timing analysis methodology for characterization of custom blocks of digital CMOS IC
 Putrya F.M.
Method of automation of process of development of the crossbar for multicore system whith nonuniform memory access
 Putrya F.M.
Research, development and optimization of data exchange hardware in multicore computing systems
 Chernyh A.V.
Research and development of structural decisions of frequency synthesizers on the PLL basis
 Artamonova Ye.A., Krasukov A.Yu.
Research of electric and temperature area of safe work of planar power SoC MOS transistors
 Kozlov A.V., Tikhonov R.D., Parmenov Yu.A.
Research of influence of constructive-technology factors on sensitivity of magnetic transistor with methods of device-technological simulation
 Kagramanyan E.R., Gavrilov S.V., Egorov Yu.B.
Standard cell characterezition methodoligy with respect MOSFET threshold voltage variation
 Solovyev R.A., Gavrilov S.V., Glebov A.L.
Statistical timing analysis aware of reconvergence of conduction paths and transition variations
 Krupkina T.Yu., Rodionov D.V.
The analysis of dynamic processes of interference distribution in substrates of integrated elements with methods of device-technological simulation
 Putrya F.M., Medvedev I.A.
Hardware streams synchronization methods for multicore cluster
 Chaplygin Yu.A., Krupkina T.Yu., Krasukov A.Yu., Artamonova Ye.A.
Investigation of depencencies of high voltage SOI-MOSFETs safe operating area on structual and process-dependent parameters
 Djigan V.I.
Multichannel adaptive lattice filters
 Fetisov E.A., Fedirko V.A., Khafizov R.Z., Zolotarev V.I., Zenyuk D.A., Rudakov G.A.
Nano-electromechanical thermo-sensitive elements
 Losev V.V., Chaplygin Yu.A., Krupkina T.Yu.
New methods of construction of microelectronic digital systems with low power consumption
 Gudkova O.N., Skachkova E.P., Muhanyuk N.N., Gavrilov S.V., Solovyev R.A.
The Methods of Fast Characterization of Large Scale Integration Parameterized IP-blocks
 Lupin S.A., Than Shein, Than Zaw Oo, Kyaw Myoo Htunn
Accuracy Estimation of Discrete Optimization Algorithms
 Djigan V.I.
Adaptive Antenna Array in Real-Valued Arithmetic
 Borisov V.A., Krivoshein D. Y., Marchenko A.M., Popov E.A., Savchenko V.Yu.
A global router for nanometer standard cells
 Losev V.V., Orlov D.V.
Arithmetical algorithms of the coding system of 1 from 4 with an active zero and estimation of the parameters of high-speed performance and occupied area of the unit of summation
 Sukhanov E.S., Chirkunova Z.V., Oreshkin V.I., Lyalin K.S.
Digital signal processing in airborne weather radar
 Djigan V.I.
History, Theory and Practice of Adaptive Signal Processing
 Fetisov E.A., Khafizov R.Z., Belin A.M., Rudakov G.A., Zolotarev V.I., Fedirko V.A., Rygalin D.B.
IR photosensitive MEMS elements
 Shiro G. E., Shiro E.G.
Low-discharge fully-coded multiplier for radar image synthesis systems
 Bazhanov E.I.
Minimization of the average number of conversion cycles of a successive approximation ADCs
 Losev V.V., Krupkina T.Yu., Chaplygin Yu.A.
Resonant energy efficiency driver
 Ichkitidze L.P., Novikov N.A.
Superconducting Film Concentrator of the Magnetic Field with Nanoscale Branches
 Timoshenko A.G., Lomovskaya K.M., Suslov M.O.
Survey on features of integrated antennas
 Putrya F.M.
SystemVerilog object-oriented programming features for functional verification of multi-core SoC
 Artamonova Ye.A., Golishnikov A.A., Krupkina T.Yu., Rodionov D.V., Chaplygin Yu.A.
TCAD simulation of nanometer MOSFET on the assumption of the surface roughness at Si/SiO2 interface
 Marchenko A.M., Popov E.A., Savchenko V.Yu.
A stick-diagram based standard cell layout synthesis tool
 Artamonova Ye.A., Klyuchnikov A.S., Krasukov A.Yu., Krupkina T.Yu., Shelepin N.A.
Calibration of numerical TCAD model for 180 nm SOI MOSFETs
 Posypkin M.A., Si Thu Thant Sin
Comparative analysis of efficiency of different variants of the dynamic programming method for solving the problem of optimal placing of elements on the chip
 Belin A.M., Belin M.A., Fedirko V.A., Fetisov E.A., Khafizov R.Z.
Design Principles and Numerical Simulation of Microthermomechanical IR Imagers with Optical Readout
 Soloviev A.N., Sablin A.V., Lyalinsky A.A.
Development of the simulation environment of inertial navigation systems
 Chaplygin Yu.A., Timoshenkov V.P., Shevyakov V.I., Adamov Yu.F.
Electrostatic protection of BiCMOS IC's
 Lupin S.A., Kyaw Kyaw Lin, Than Shein, Davydova A.P., Vagapov Y.F.
Estimation of digital sensor's influence on the management systems efficiency
 Marchenko A.M., Popov E.A., Savchenko V.Yu.
Gate nets routing in nanometer standard cells with ports placement
 Potovin Y.M., Soin S.
High-speed content addressable memory block design
 Chaplygin Yu.A., Krupkina T.Yu., Krasukov A.Yu., Artamonova Ye.A.
Influence of CMOS Hall Effect Sensor Layout on its Magnetic Sensitivity
 Khafizov R.Z.
Infrared focal plane arrays (FPA) with thermopile thermal radiation MEMS sensors
 Medvedev I.A., Putrya F.M.
Interconnect Verification Methods Based on Unified Test Infrastructure
 Losev V.V.
Investigation of the possibilities of practical application of the adiabatic logic to reduce power consumption of VLSI
 Djigan V.I.
LMS adaptive filtering algorithm: first or unique one for practical applications?
 Bespalov V.A., Vasilev I.A., Djuzhev N.A., Mazurkin N.S., Novikov D.V., Popkov A.F.
Membrane-based thermal flow sensor working on calorimetric principle
 Gavrilov S.V., Ivanova G.A., Manukyan A.A.
Methods of designing custom IP-blocks based on the elements with regular topological structure in layers of polysilicon and diffusion
 Khasanov M., Kurganov V.V.
Methods of determination the coefficients of quasi-optimal FIR-filter for convolution of pseudorandom binary sequence
 Krupkina T.Yu., Krasukov A.Yu., Artamonova Ye.A.
Numerical model for MISFETs characterization
 Bezglasnaya K.A., Kolbasov Y.S., Medvedev I.A., Putrya F.M.
Problems of platform approach for System on Chip and IP cores test infrastructure creation and their solutions
 Kartashev S.S.
Readout circuit from the nonvolatile memory
 Golovina E., Makeeva M., Nikolaev A.V., Putrya F.M., Smirnov A.A.
Reusable complex Soc level tests creating and debugging method
 Timoshenko A.G.
Sigma-delta ADC for capacitive accelerometer
 Davydova A.P., Vagapov Y.F., Lupin S.A.
Simulation modeling for survivability evaluation of digital control systems
 Chaplygin Yu.A., Adamov Yu.F., Timoshenkov V.P.
Using of VBIC model for SiGe integrated circuit application
 Chaplygin Yu.A., Krupkina T.Yu., Krasukov A.Yu., Artamonova Ye.A.
0.5 um SOI CMOS for Extreme Temperature Applications
 Timoshenkov V.P., Rodionov D.V., Khlybov A.I., Musatkin A.S., Vertianov D.V.
3D flexible microwave polyimid T-line assembly for system in package
 Matyushkin I.V.
Algorithms of the parallel computations in the formalization of cellular automata: the sorting of strings and the multiplication of numbers by Atrubin’s method
 Zhezlov K.A., Kolbasov Y.S., Kozlov A.O., Nikolaev A.V., Putrya F.M., Frolova S.E.
Automation of verification environments development process providing a through design flow for design, verification and research of IP-blocks and SoC
 Matyushkin I.V., Zapletina M.A.
Cellular automata methods of the numerical solution of mathematical physics equations for the hexagonal grid
 Kaleev D.V., Pereverzev A.L., Savchenko Yu.V.
Criteria of resolution of phase ambiguities for complexed multi-antenna global navigation satellite system
 Timoshenko A.G., Belousov E.O., Molenkamp K.M.
Design and development of monolithic IC of microwave GaN phase shifters
 Efimov A.G., Koptsev D.A., Kuznetsova O.
Development of microwave phase shifter based on SOI 0.18-micron technology
 Lupin S.A., Pachin A., Kostrova O., Fediashin D.
Dynamic management of computations in distributed systems
 Djigan V.I.
Fast Affine Projection Algorithm: Full Version
 Ostrovskaya N.V., Skidanov V.A., Iusipova Iu.A.
Features of magnetization reversal in a MRAM cell — I. In-plane anisotropy
 Losev V.V., Chaplygin Yu.A., Krupkina T.Yu., Putrya M.G.
Features of processing and transmitting information in computing devices
 Beklemishev D.N., Pereverzev A.L., Yanin V.I.
Miniature and highly sensitive proximity infrared sensor
 Shichkin N.Yu., Ichkitidze L.P., Telishev D.V.
Nanostructured superconducting film concentrator in the magnetic field sensor
 Khafizov R.Z., Timofeev A.E.
Numerical simulation of solar radiation transmittance for textured surface silicon photovoltaic cells
 Liventsev E.V., Pereverzev A.L., Primakov E.V., Silantiev A.M.
On-board flight control system based on the MIPS architecture with CorExtend user-defined instructions and hardware-accelerated trigonometry calculations
 Krupkina T.Yu., Krasukov A.Yu., Artamonova Ye.A.
One dimensional process and device simulation using spreadsheets
 Fedirko V.A., Khafizov R.Z., Fetisov E.A.
Optimal design of the MEMS thermopile element for an IR imager array
 Chaplygin Yu.A., Balashov A.G., Evdokimov V., Klyuchnikov A.S.
Research of the RF performance of SiGe HBT during transition towards sub-100 nm technology limits
 Goryachev I., Demin G.D., Zvezdin K.A., Zipunova E.V., Ivanov A.V., Iskandarova I.M., Knizhnik A.A., Levchenko V.D., Popkov A.F., Potapkin B.V., Solovyov S.V.
Software package for Technology Computer-Aided Design of spintronic devices based on magnetic tunneling junctions
 Ilin S.A., Kochanov S.K., Lastochkin O.V., Novikov A.A.
The methodology of the automated generation and analysis of basic structures for the design of dynamic and static protection the blocks of integrated circuits against ESD
 Djuzhev N.A., Makhiboroda M.A., Gusev Ye., Gryazneva T., Demin G.D.
The process flow simulation of the cathode-grid system and its emission properties
 Glebov A.L., Mindeeva A., Sheremetov V.V.
Timing analysis of digital circuits basing on logic correlations
 Liventsev E.V., Pereverzev A.L., Primakov E.V., Ryzhkova D.V., Silantiev A.M.
Accurate High-speed Frequency Meter for Doppler Initial Velocity Measurement
 Matyushkin I.V., Zapletina M.A.
Cellular Automata Computational Parallelism of Elementary Matrix Operations
 Chaplygin Yu.A., Krupkina T.Yu., Korolev M.A., Krasukov A.Yu., Artamonova Ye.A.
Comparison of Double-gate Junctionless and Traditional MOSFETs by Means of TCAD
 Zhmylev V.
Detector of Free Parts of Radio Frequency Spectrum
 Ostrovskaya N.V., Skidanov V.A., Iusipova Iu.A.
Dynamics of Magnetization in the Free Layer of a Spin Valve Under the Influence of Magnetic Field, Perpendicular and Parallel to the Layer Plane
 Datsuk A.M., Balashov A.M., Timoshenkov V.P., Krupkina T.Yu.
Electro-thermal Simulation of a Bandgap
 Khafizov R.Z., Pavlyuk M.I., Timofeev A.E.
Numerical Simulation of N-well MOSFET Hall Element
 Tsvetkov V.K., Lyalin K.S., Sheremet A.
RF-frontend Parts of Remote Sensing Systems Synthesis Method
 Kuzmin I.A., Lyalin K.S., Meleshin Yu., Khasanov M.
Radar Image Autofocus in Conditions of High Vehicle Motion Instability
 Ostrovskaya N.V., Skvortsov M.S., Skidanov V.A., Iusipova Iu.A.
Simulation of Magnetization Dynamics in Three-layered Ferromagnetic Structures with Pinned Boundaries
 Garashchenko A.V., Nikolaev A.V., Putrya F.M., Sardaryan S.S.
System of Combined Specialized Test Generators for the New Generation of VLIW DSP Processors with Elcore50 Architecture
 Timoshenkov V.P., Khlybov A.I., Rodionov D.V., Efimov A.G., Chaplygin Yu.A.
Thermo Researching of X-band Microwave Amplifier
 Djigan V.I.
Two-dimensional Adaptive Antenna Arrays in Complex-valued and Real-valued Arithmetic

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