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 Kurejchik V.M.
About duplication of elements at VLSI layout
 Barinov S.V., Kurejchik V.M., Gladkov L.A.
Configuration of microelectronic means on the basis of iterative clusterization taking into account time delays
 Kovalev A.V., Budyakov A.V.
The built-in DSCA block with interface AMBA AHB
 Konoplev B.G., Kovalev A.V.
The complete set of complex-functional blocks for systems of processing and transfer of videoimages
 Pyavchenko O.N., Krutchinsky S.G., Klevtsov S.I., Pyavchenko A.O., Panich A.E.
Ways of creation intellectual sensors of pressure used for substitution of import ones
 Barinov S.V., Kurejchik V.M.
Development of algorithm of three-dimensional layout of VLSI on the basis of iterative clusterization
 Pyavchenko O.N., Krutchinsky S.G., Klevtsov S.I., Pyavchenko A.O.
Features of structurally functional construction of the precision intellectual microprocessor converter of the intellectual pressure sensor
 Kureichik V.V.
Genetic search at construction of connecting trees at a design stage of VLSI layout
 Klevtsov S.I., Pyavchenko O.N., Udod E.V.
Method of multisegment approximation of calibrating characteristics for precision calculations of pressure in intellectual sensors
 Gudkov V.I., Gudkova N.V.
Narrow-band adaptive filtration in systems of digital processing signals
 Kurejchik V.M., Lebedev B.K.
Adaptation in Problems of VLSI Topology Designing
 Knysh D.S., Kurejchik V.M.
Complex algorithm of switch box routing
 Gudkova N.V.
Digital Linearization of Power Amplifier Amplitude Characteristic by Adaptive Inverse Modeling
 Klevtsov S.I.
Forecasting of parametres of technical object by means of the intellectual microprocessor module
 Pilipenko A.M., Biryukov V.N.
Hybrid methods of time-domain analysis of electronic circuits
 Bychkov N.A., Kovalev A.V.
Subsystem of CAD for synthesis of the encoder/decoder IP-cores for convolution turbo codes
 Kurejchik V.M., Kazharov A.A.
Algorithms of evolutionary swarm intelligence for solving graph partition problem
 Gudkova N.V.
Digital Adaptive Linearization of Sensors for Technological Processes
 Yeroshenko I.N.
MSV-driven VLSI floorplanning
 Klevtsov S.I.
Tracing of change in a condition of dynamic object in real time with use of the microprocessor module
 Zaporozhets D.Yu., Zaruba D.V., Kureichik V.V.
Ant algorithm for determining the critical linkages in VLSI
 Gudkova N.V., Besklubova K.V., Kulchenko A.E.
Application of the principles of adaptive filtering signals to the synthesis of invariant control systems unknown dynamic plants
 Prokopenko N.N., Chernov N.I., Yugai V.Ya.
Linear synthesis - a new approach to the logical design of k-valued digital structures
 Kulakov A.A., Kurejchik V.M.
Method of placement blocks of three dimensional integration IC
 Biryukov V.N., Pilipenko A.M.
An adaptive random search algorithm for parametric identification of electronic components’ models
 Kurejchik V.M., Safronenkova I.B.
Creation of CAD - systems’ ontology using Protege 4.2
 Prokopenko N.N., Chernov N.I., Yugai V.Ya., Butyrlagin N.V.
Linear Synthesis of k-valued Digital Structures: Principle of Generalization
 Sapogin V.G., Prokopenko N.N., Ivanov Y.I., Bugakova A.V.
Nano-dimensional effect at planar inductance with “conducting film inside current ring”-technology
 Pisarenko I.V., Ryndin E.A.
Physical and Topological Simulation of Photodetectors for AIIIBV Integrated Optical Commutation Systems Taking into Account Dependence of Charge Carriers Mobilities on Electric Field
 Glushan V.M., Lavrik P.V., Rybalchenko M.V.
Research of the model of distributed topological VLSI design by means of the hierarchical client-server architecture
 Klevtsov S.I.
Simulation configuration changes and data processing channels in the system in a contingency situation
 Samoilenko A.P., Panychev A.I., Panychev S.A.
Synthesis external interrupt controller with dynamically change the priority
 Glushan V.M., Krasyuk O.I., Dubrovskii I.
Experimental Project of the of VLSI Design Subsystem on the Basis of Hierarchical Client-Server Architecture
 Pisarenko I.V., Ryndin E.A.
Extended Drift-Diffusion Model of High-Speed Photodetectors for On-Chip Optical Interconnections
 Starykh A.A., Lukyanenko E.B.
Self-timed D-trigger with «Load/Latch»
 Butyrlagin N.V., Chernov N.I., Prokopenko N.N., Yugai V.Ya.
The Design of Current Memory Elements Based on the Mathematical Tool of Linear Algebra

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