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NPP Pulsar

Listing of all the works of the organization. Click on the work title to get the full information.

 Kirdyashev R.K., Kostukov E.V., Maklakov A.M., Morozov V.F., Nikitina G.I., Skrylev A.S., Trunov S.V., Fedukova N.V., Cheremenskij Yu.I.
Development and researches of modern linear photosensitive devices with CCD
 Kostukov E.V., Mihajlichenko O.V., Morozov V.F., Skrylev A.S., Morozov V.F., Trunov S.V.
Experience of development of CCD matrix photoreceivers with interlower case carry
 Kostukov E.V., Kuznetsov Yu.A., Skrylev A.S., Chernokozhin V.V.
Photosensitive CCD: state-of-the-art and development perspectives
 Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov A.S., Kryukov S.V.
Architecture and circuit design of precision differential amplifiers with high common mode rejection ratio
 Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov A.S., Sergeenko A.I.
Buffer stage of operational amplifiers with low output impedance and option rail-to-rail
 Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov A.S., Kovbasyuk N.V.
Circuit design methods of increasing the reliability of operational amplifiers with maximum speed in high-signal mode
 Budyakov A.S., Prokopenko N.N., Starchenko E.I., Savchenko Ye.M., Krutchinsky S.G.
Experience in design and modeling of analog circuits with limited parameters based on Russian bipolar technology
 Zavadsky Yu.I., Konstantinov P.B., Kontsevoj Yu.A., Kostukov E.V., Skrylev A.S., Khotyanov B.M., Chernokozhin V.V.
Features of constructions of specialized CCD matrixes
 Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov A.S., Kovbasyuk N.V., Krutchinsky S.G., Savchenko Ye.M.
Methods of compensation of basic components of the output capacitance of transistors in analog chips
 Volkov I.N., Goldsher A.I., Dik P.A., Kucherskij V.R., Mashkova V.S.
Set of integrated circuits designed to control power transistor switches
 Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov A.S., Savchenko Ye.M., Korneev S.V.
The dynamic extreme parameters of operational amplifiers with voltage feedback and amplifiers with current feedback in linear and nonlinear modes
 Budyakov A.S., Prokopenko N.N., Schmalz Klaus, Scheytt Christoph, Ostrovskyy P
Circuit design of UHF operational amplifiers for analog interfaces with strong negative feedback
 Maklakov A.M., Kostukov E.V., Skrylev A.S.
Experience of development of the high-speed matrix CCD, working in a mode of a time delay and accumulation of a charge
 Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov A.S., Khorunzhij A.V.
Nonlinear modes in multidifferential operational amplifiers
 Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov A.S., Savchenko Ye.M.
Operational amplifiers with generalized current feedback
 Budyakov A.S., Savchenko Ye.M., Pronin A.A., Kozynko P.A.
A 1W, 800 MHz RF Monolithic Integrated Circuit Power Amplifier Based on Silicon Technology
 Gavlicky A.I., Starchenko E.I., Budyakov A.S., Ionov P.L.
Microwave quadrature demodulators. Topology development results
 Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov A.S., Schmalz Klaus, Scheytt Christoph
RF IP-blocks based on Fully differential OpAmps for Communication Systems
 Drozdov D.G., Savchenko Ye.M., Zubkov A.M.
Results of technological and devices modeling of the complementary bipolar technology with 10 GHz cutoff frequency and over
 Budyakov P.S., Budyakov A.S., Prokopenko N.N.
Comparative analysis of active mm-wave SiGe mixers
 Petrosyants K.O., Kharitonov I.A., Adonin A.S., Sidorov A.V., Aleksandrov A.V.
Digital circuit IBIS-models generation with account for temperature and radiation
 Drozdov D.G., Savchenko Ye.M., Siomko V.O.
Features of the design of devices based on AlGaN/GaN heterostructures in technology computer aided design
 Kostukov E.V., Pospelova M.A., Pugachev A.A.
TCAD-model of CCD image sensor with vertical antiblooming

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