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"PULSAR" Scientific and Production Enterprise, Joint Stock Company

Listing of all the works of the organization. Click on the work title to get the full information.

 Pugachev A.A.
Numerical Simulation of Photosensitive VLSI Pixels
 Budyakov A.S., Prokopenko N.N., Starchenko E.I., Savchenko Ye.M., Krutchinsky S.G.
Experience in design and modeling of analog circuits with limited parameters based on Russian bipolar technology
 Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov A.S., Kovbasyuk N.V., Krutchinsky S.G., Savchenko Ye.M.
Methods of compensation of basic components of the output capacitance of transistors in analog chips
 Pugachev A.A., Osochkin S.S.
Physical-topological model of modulation transfer fuction
 Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov A.S., Savchenko Ye.M., Korneev S.V.
The dynamic extreme parameters of operational amplifiers with voltage feedback and amplifiers with current feedback in linear and nonlinear modes
 Savchenko Ye.M.
Broadband integrated SHF doubler of frequency
 Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov A.S., Savchenko Ye.M.
Operational amplifiers with generalized current feedback
 Pugachev A.A., Maklakova O.V., Kushnir A.A.
Photosensitive CCD VLSI TCAD modeling
 Andreev P.P., Pugachev A.A., Khodosh L.S.
The project of the on-chip processor for videostream processing are developed. This project are based on Russian SIMD processor PARS
 Budyakov A.S., Savchenko Ye.M., Pronin A.A., Kozynko P.A.
A 1W, 800 MHz RF Monolithic Integrated Circuit Power Amplifier Based on Silicon Technology
 Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov P.S., Serebryakov A.I.
Architecture of the microwave differential operating amplifiers with paraphase output
 Pugachev A.A., Stempkovsky A.L.
CMOS-APS element with high charge-collection efficiency
 Prokopenko N.N., Serebryakov A.I., Budyakov P.S.
Method of Improving the Stability of Zero Analog Circuits with High-Impedance Node in the Conditions of Temperature and Radiation Effects
 Drozdov D.G., Savchenko Ye.M., Zubkov A.M.
Results of technological and devices modeling of the complementary bipolar technology with 10 GHz cutoff frequency and over
 Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov P.S., Serebryakov A.I.
Autonomous parameters of of transistors of uncommited logic array ABMK_1_3 in radiation and temperature influences
 Budyakov P.S., Budyakov A.S., Prokopenko N.N.
Comparative analysis of active mm-wave SiGe mixers
 Drozdov D.G., Savchenko Ye.M., Siomko V.O.
Features of the design of devices based on AlGaN/GaN heterostructures in technology computer aided design
 Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov P.S., Pakhomov I.V.
Methods to improve the gain of the classical stages on bipolar transistors at low supply voltage
 Kostukov E.V., Pospelova M.A., Pugachev A.A.
TCAD-model of CCD image sensor with vertical antiblooming
 Drozdov D.G., Savchenko Ye.M.
Design of technology process of silicon-germanium heterobipolar transistors manufacture
 Pugachev A.A., Ivanova G.A.
The method for photosensitive matrix VLSI modulation transfer function simulation
 Kononov A., Pugachev A.A.
The method for CMOS APS light-voltage characteristics technological-device modeling
 Dvornikov O.V., Tchekhovski V.A., Diatlov V.L., Prokopenko N.N., Budyakov P.S.
Design of Voltage Comparators Based on the Elements of the Radiation-Hardened Low-Temperature BiJFET Array Chip MH2XA030
 Pugachev A.A., Ivanova G.A.
Modulation Transfer Function Model for Photosensitive VLSI Under One Single Impact Particle Event

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