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Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University

Listing of all the works of the organization. Click on the work title to get the full information.

 Korotkov A.S., Morozov D.V., Pilipko M.M.
Base ternary logic element on the basis of standard CMOS-technology
 Balashov E.V., Korotkov A.S.
High-frequency low-noise CMOS amplifier
 Morozov D.V., Pilipko M.M., Piatak I.M.
A 2-bit Flash ADC for Pipeline Circuits
 Balashov E.V., Korotkov A.S., Morozov D.V., Pilipko M.M., Piatak I.M., Romanov R.I., Rumiantsev I.A.
Analog and digital micro- and nanoelectronics circuits for communications
 Budanov D.O., Pilipko M.M., Morozov D.V.
A 8-bit flash ADC with reduced DNL
 Yenuchenko M.S., Morozov D.V., Pilipko M.M.
An 8-bit segmented DAC with high conversion rate
 Morozov D.V., Pilipko M.M., Piatak I.M.
Inverter-based pseudo-flash ADC with low power consumption
 Balashov E.V., Korotkov A.S.
 Piatak I.M., Morozov D.V., Pilipko M.M.
A 14-bit 100 MS/s Pipelined ADC
 Vlasov A.O., Marakhovsky V.B., Surkov A.V.
Design of digital CMOS circuits for extreme temperatures
 Balashov E.V., Korotkov A.S., Rumiantsev I.A.
Integrated S-band 6-bit Vector-Sum Phase Shifter with Decreased Phase Error
 Mamoutova O.V.
Reliability evaluation for SEU in cache in system-on-chip design
 Korotkov A.S., Loboda V.V.
Simulation of MEMS Technology Based Thermoelectric Generators
 Pilipko M.M., Morozov D.V., Yenuchenko M.S.
Delta-Sigma Modulator with 10 MHz Clock Frequency in 180 nm CMOS Technology
 Egorov I.V.
Method for Organizing the Moore Automaton with the Increased Resistance to Soft Failures
 Korotkov A.S., Loboda V.V., Dzyubanenko S.V., Bakulin E.M.
Thermoelectric Generator for Human Body Monitoring Systems

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