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Adaptive method of harmonic balance

 Gourary M.M.
 Rusakov S.G.
 Ulyanov S.L.
 Zharov M.M.
 Mulvaney B.J.
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 The new computational approach of simulation of radio frequency IC is discussed. The approach is directed to extend the method of harmonic balance (HB) to the solution of essentially nonlinear problems. The approach is based on adaptive variation of the order of HB problems according to a level of nonlinearity. The proposed adaptive method of harmonic balance allows to reduce computational expenses at the simulation of high dimension and essentially nonlinear circuits by HB method due to automatic variation of the number of harmonics during simulation. The developed computational procedures use Krylov subspace methods.
 method of harmonic balance
Library reference
 Gourary M.M., Rusakov S.G., Ulyanov S.L., Zharov M.M., Mulvaney B.J. Adaptive method of harmonic balance // Problems of Perspective Microelectronic Systems Development - 2005. Proceedings / edited by A. Stempkovsky, Moscow, IPPM RAS, 2005. P. 13-18.
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