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SATOK - System for Self-Timed Integrated Circuits Testing

 Petrukhin V.S.
 Stepchenkov Yu.A.
 Morozov N.V.
 Stepchenkov D.Yu.
Date of publication

 The main problems of coupling controlling and measuring apparatus with self-timed circuits are considered. The structure of hardware-software testing system SATOK is presented. This system is used for comparative testing of synchronous and self-timed implementations of the functionally identical circuits. Detailed description of user interface for such testing is presented also.
 Self-timed circuits; testing; tester
Library reference
 Petrukhin V.S., Stepchenkov Yu.A., Morozov N.V., Stepchenkov D.Yu. SATOK - System for Self-Timed Integrated Circuits Testing // Problems of Perspective Microelectronic Systems Development - 2006. Proceedings / edited by A. Stempkovsky, Moscow, IPPM RAS, 2006. P. 265-268.
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