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User programmed logical cores for creation system-on-chip

 Tsybin S.A.
 Bystritskij A.V.
 Skuratovich S.N.
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 With reduction of design norms, time of design and manufacturing of integrated circuits essentially increases. Manufacture cost increases exponentially. In these conditions there is favourable a development of integrated circuits on
the basis in advance developed and verified
units or cores. Usage at creation of system-on-chip programmed logical cores allows to lower irrevocable expenses on designing (NRE – Non-Recurring Engineering), and also easy to change functionality of the device without additional expenses for a redesign.
 User programmed logical cores, system-on-chip
Library reference
 Tsybin S.A., Bystritskij A.V., Skuratovich S.N. User programmed logical cores for creation system-on-chip // Problems of Perspective Microelectronic Systems Development - 2006. Proceedings / edited by A. Stempkovsky, Moscow, IPPM RAS, 2006. P. 391-396.
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