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SADEL – extra precision solvers library for program suite PA10 (SADEL-PA10)

 Zhuk D.M.
 Manichev V.B.
 Saharov M.K.
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 C-Library SADEL for extra precision calculations for algebraic and differential equations solution systems is practical result of long-term research works of authors as a mathematical nucleus of a platform of mathematical simulation of dynamic processes for multi-physics or multi-discipline technical systems and objects (software suite PA10 (SADEL-PA10)), surpassing similar foreign software products MATLAB-SIMULINK, Maple-MapleSim, C-Library NAG in a part of the solution of stiff ODE and badly conditioned LAE. Base introduction SADEL-PA10 is a mathematical modelling and simulation in time domain of systems and objects at designing products of microelectronics,nanoelectornics and mechatronics. Results of comparative testing of library are resulted.
 Modelling, simulation, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Dynamical system, Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE), Differential Algebraic Equations (DAE), integration methods, Linear Algebraic Equations (LAE).
Library reference
 Zhuk D.M., Manichev V.B., Saharov M.K. SADEL – extra precision solvers library for program suite PA10 (SADEL-PA10) // Problems of Perspective Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems Development - 2012. Proceedings / edited by A. Stempkovsky, Moscow, IPPM RAS, 2012. P. 147-152.
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