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Ceramics-based device of touch and contactless information input for avionics  

 Terentyev D.S.
 Shakhnov V.A.
 Vlasov A.I.
Date of publication

 The paper deals with analyzis of the existing problems in the touch input information for electronic onboard equipment air transport. The drawbacks of current solutions based on optical and resistive technologies are explored. Needs are substantiated for non-contact input and reduce the cost of touch panels in avionics. The ways to solve the existing problems is through technical solutions in the form of the contactless input capacitive touch-panel with the matrix DFM and multilayer ceramics LTCC. Thus its cost is more than two times smaller compared to other capacitive panels, and more than 4 times relative to infrared screens used in avionics. The developed panel structure and functional model are described, also its composition is proposed (materials, substrates, electronic components). Due to the non-standard design, the array topology and the developed algorithm for determining input coordinates, input objects recognition is possible theoretically at the distance of 100 mm from the sensor surface. As a result of experimental studies the shortcomings in the manufacturing process for laboratory samples have analyzed, comparison of its characteristics with analogues has provided. Thus, the DFM panel on LTCC substrate has maximum working temperature is 125 0C. It is twice as much then other capacitive touch panels. The matrix thickness is only 0.65 mm with integrated ADC and controller chip, that thinner relative to infrared touch panels used in avionics.
 electrostatic field, contactless input, low temperature multilayer ceramics, integrated analog-to-digital converter, thick-film matrix, extended temperature range.
Library reference
 Terentyev D.S., Shakhnov V.A., Vlasov A.I. Ceramics-based device of touch and contactless information input for avionics // Problems of Perspective Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems Development - 2016. Proceedings / edited by A. Stempkovsky, Moscow, IPPM RAS, 2016. Part 4. P. 88-94.
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