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Simulation configuration changes and data processing channels in the system in a contingency situation  

 Klevtsov S.I.
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In the process, a distributed monitoring system for a technical object may experience abnormal or emergency situations. These situations may be associated with a variety of malfunctions or failure of individual system components, such as malfunction or failure of certain information gathering channels. In this case, monitoring tasks can not be performed or partly performed. To solve the problem, usually required troubleshooting that is associated with a stop operation, as well as financial, time and other losses. However, analysis of the characteristics of such systems, as distributed data acquisition system with sensors [1-9], shows that there are opportunities for disaster recovery due to structural changes in the system.
To solve this problem, we developed a model for situational configuration control channel transmission and processing of information. At the same functionality of the system is supplemented with relevant capabilities without changing the basic architecture.
The proposed model is focused on the use of Petri nets as a tool to study the topology of systems [10-11].
As a tool used simulation system CPN Tools. In CPN Tools description language model is a combination of Petri net graph and programming language CPN ML [12, 13].
Thus, the mathematical model of situational control channels, transmission and processing of data collection and processing of distributed sensor information system that allows secure software configuration change channels and processing circuits in the system in case of emergency. Examples of the computer model in CPN Tools system implementing one of the algorithms (set of actions) on situational configuration management systems segment. The simulation showed the effectiveness of the developed approach.
 model, contingency management, system configuration, network.
Library reference
 Klevtsov S.I. Simulation configuration changes and data processing channels in the system in a contingency situation // Problems of Perspective Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems Development - 2016. Proceedings / edited by A. Stempkovsky, Moscow, IPPM RAS, 2016. Part 2. P. 178-184.
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