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The Technology of Manufacturing of Complementary Transistors on Gallium Nitride  

 Pavlov A.Yu.
 Gamkrelidze S.A.
 Tomosh K.N.
 Fedorov Yu.V.
 Pavlov V.Yu.
 Galiev R.R.
 Maltsev P.P.
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 The need to fabricate normally-off transistors that provide operation in the enhancement mode is confirmed by publications last 3-4 years. The use of normally-off transistors in power electronics provides for a more simple and safe operation of microcircuits. Manufacture of a power and analog part on one chip will expand the electronic component base. For manufacturing of a normally-off field-effect transistor based on the AlGaN/GaN heterostructures, it is proposed to form a gate recess by a low-energy plasma-chemical etching of the AlGaN barrier layer in a high-density plasma with an inductively coupled plasma source. Etching is due to cyclic oxidation of the barrier layer with subsequent chemical removal of the oxidized layer in the chlorine-containing environment. The proposed method allows to controllably etching of the AlGaN layers with a rate of 1.5 nm / cycle without defect formation. Inductively coupled plasma makes it possible to obtain a plasma with high density and low energies of charged particles interacting with the sample surface. This avoids the occurrence of radiation defects in the near-surface layers of the heterostructure. The high concentration of charged particles in the reactor during the plasmochemical processes ensures high homogeneity and quality of etching. Reducing the thickness of the barrier layer of the heterostructure due to dry etching and the gate metallization ensures the operation of the transistor in the enhancement mode. The use of dry low-energy plasma-chemical etching in the technological cycle of manufacturing microcircuits allows one to fabricate transistors operating in the regime of enhancement and depletion.
 normally-off transistor, gallium nitride, heterostructure, enhancement mode, depletion mode, barrier layer, plasma-chemical etching, a system on a crystal, power, microwave-high-power semiconductor electronics.
Library reference
 Pavlov A.Yu., Gamkrelidze S.A., Tomosh K.N., Fedorov Yu.V., Pavlov V.Yu., Galiev R.R., Maltsev P.P. The Technology of Manufacturing of Complementary Transistors on Gallium Nitride // Problems of Perspective Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems Development - 2018. Issue 3. P. 69-74.
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