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Extended Drift-Diffusion Model of High-Speed Photodetectors for On-Chip Optical Interconnections  

 Pisarenko I.V.
 Ryndin E.A.
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 AIIIBV injection laser-modulator based on the principle of the controlled spatial relocation of charge carrier density peaks in quantum regions of valence and conduction bands is an ad-vanced optoelectronic device offering new possibilities in the field of on-chip optical interconnecting. To realize the laser-modulator-based on-chip interconnections, high-performance integrated photodetectors are required. The subpicosecond response time and technological compatibility with the laser-modulator and electronic elements of integrat-ed circuit are the main requirements for the photosensitive devices being considered. In this paper, we propose the ex-tended drift-diffusion model of AIIIBV photodetectors. The model includes the basic transport equations, comprehensive mobility model and non-stationary energy balance equation for electrons. The last one is necessary for the calculation of electron temperature distribution in the device structure. The aforementioned model takes into account the effects of carrier drift velocity saturation and electron inter-valley transition. For the implementation of the model, we developed the finite difference numerical simulation technique based on the New-ton’s method and dedicated software. We applied these aids for the simulation of InP/InGaAs uni-travelling-carrier pho-todiode. According to the simulation results, the device re-sponse time is about a few picoseconds. Thus, it is reasonable to develop new methods of performance improvement for on-chip semiconductor photodetectors.
 optical interconnections for integrated circuits, high-speed photodetectors, numerical simulation, extended drift-diffusion model, comprehensive mobility model.
Library reference
 Pisarenko I.V., Ryndin E.A. Extended Drift-Diffusion Model of High-Speed Photodetectors for On-Chip Optical Interconnections // Problems of Perspective Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems Development - 2018. Issue 3. P. 75-81.
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