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Choice of optimum connections in a tree in view of Elmore delays

 Erzin A.I.
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 The problem of a choice of optimum types of connections on edges of the set tree with the allocated root top – a source of a signal and a subset of vertex-terminals (addressees of a signal) is considered. For each terminal the admissible interval of time during which the signal should be received is set. Time of reception of a signal is calculated under Elmore formulas. It is required to choose such types of connections at which time of arrival of a signal in each terminal is admissible, and the total capacity of a tree is minimal. The new algorithm of one-parametrical dynamic programming of labour input O(nXD2), where n – number of tops of a tree, D – as much as possible admissible delay, and X – a maximum quantity of types of connections which can be used on one edge is proposed.
 optimum connections
Library reference
 Erzin A.I. Choice of optimum connections in a tree in view of Elmore delays // Problems of Perspective Microelectronic Systems Development - 2006. Proceedings / edited by A. Stempkovsky, Moscow, IPPM RAS, 2006. P. 109-114.
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