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Proceedings published since 2005. They are included in the list of RINC and VAC. ISSN 2078-7707. Index of Rospechat: 59883

Code of publications ethics

Preparation and publication of MES-conference papers are based on the position that all three involved parties (authors, reviewers, Editorial Board) follow to the following set of rules.

Code of ethics for authors

  • financial support is specified, if it is presented during the preparation of this article;
  • there is no plagiarism and manipulation of data;
  • the same research is not published more than one journal;
  • all authors made a substantial contribution to the research;
  • it is confirmed that all data in article are authentic and reliable;
  • all borrowed materials include references to their authors;
  • all authors are obliged to participate in correcting errors;
  • when there is more than one author, the group's representative is obliged to submit the final version of the article to all participants of its creation.

Code of ethics for reviewers

  • financial support is specified, if it was presented during the preparation of this article;
  • judgements of the reviewer's are objective;
  • reviewers have no conflict of interest in relation to research authors and research funding agencies;
  • reviewers should identify relevant published work that has not been cited in this article;
  • peer-reviewed article is considered as a confidential document. Its demonstration and discussion with outsiders is possible only with the permission of the Editorial Board;
  • the reviewer who feels the inadequacy of their qualifications to review the studies presented in the article, or knowing that he/she will not be able to submit a review in advance agreed with the editorial terms, is obliged to notify the editor and recuse.

Code of ethics of the Editorial Board

  • editors have the option of accepting or rejecting articles;
  • the editors have no conflict of interest with respect to articles they accept or reject;
  • articles are accepted only in case of justified confidence;
  • it is preserved the anonymity of the reviewers;
  • the Editorial Board prevents the introduction of commercial interests from compromising intellectual and ethical standards;
  • the Editorial Board assesses articles solely on their content without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, or political philosophy of the authors;
  • the information contained in unpublished manuscripts will not be used in the work of the editor without the author's consent;
  • the Editorial Board maintains the confidentiality of submitted materials;
  • the Editorial Board prevents articles of plagiarism and manipulation of data.

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