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Proceedings published since 2005. They are included in the list of RINC and VAC. ISSN 2078-7707. Index of Rospechat: 59883

Composition of send files and documents

For sending the article to the Proceedings at least one of authors must attend the conference MES and presents the submitted paper. To do it you need to register on the conference website.. In I (preliminary) stage you submit a paper for consideration. If it is accepted in the conference Program and Proceedings, at the second stage it is necessary to send some additional documents.

I stage - Call for participation in the conference program

After registration at least one of the co-authors of the report one can sent an article. To do this, using their registration data, please log in (see upper right corner of screen). If logging in is successful, the icon will appear to the right for sending a new article . Fill in all required fields. On the website you should sent the file

II stage - sending additional documents

(Only for articles, which have been reviewed and accepted to the conference program)

Since in the documents of this phase signatures and seals are required, then they should be sent to the postal address of IPPM RAS by registered mail with acknowledgment of delivery.
After sending the documents, please inform the Organizing Committee by e-mail.
It should be sent original documents, not copies.
These documents can also be delivered to Moscow (9, prosp. 60-letiya Oktyabrya; tel. (499)135-75-51) or Zelenograd (3, Sovetskaya Street, Moscow 124365, Russia; tel. (499)729-92-08) office IPPM RAS.
Documents should be sent to:
3, Sovetskaya Street, Moscow 124365, Russia. IPPM RAS
The license agreement and acceptance report (see below) are required to ensure proper legal allocation in the database www.e-library.ru.

Upon receipt of the notification of acceptance into the program conference it should by the usual non-electronic mail (or courier) to submit the following documents:

  • Expert opinion on the possibility of publication of the text in the press (only for entries from enterprises and organizations of the Russian Federation). If the article is submitted from the only organization, then one instance is sent. If the article is presented from several organizations (whether one or more authors), the number of submitted Expert opinions (one or from each organization separately) shall be determined by agreement between these organizations. In any case, each Expert must have the phrase concerning the possibility of presenting this material in the press. Second copy of Expert opinions is not needed.
  • License agreement, authorizing the publication of an article in the Proceedings of conference. 2 copies are needed. Sample of License Agreement.
  • Transfer and Acceptance Protocol from author to the Organizing Committee. 2 copies are needed. Sample of Transfer and Acceptance Protocol.
  1. If articles by several authors, it is still prepared one contract and one act of transferring, which lists all the authors.
  2. In the preamble to the Treaty and Act is necessary to write the name of every author completely. If necessary, add to this blank lines.
  3. In Sec. 1.1 of the Agreement and in paragraph 1 of the Act it must specify the complete title of the paper in quotation marks, and in the end - the number of pages.
  4. In section 6 of the Treaty it is specified details of each author.
  5. In section 7 of the Treaty and at the end of Act initials and last name of each author and signatures are specified.
  6. Contract number and date do not specify.

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