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The most important CAD-conferences

DATE (The Design, Automation, and Test in Europe) - Europe's largest integrated conference and exhibition, bringing together academic researchers, industry, users and vendors in the design, automation and test of electronic circuits and systems.
Conference website: http://www.date-conference.com/

DAC (The Design Automation Conference) - leading American Conference in the design of electronic circuits and systems of their development.
Archives: see DAC Archives Conference website: page of announcement of the next conference DAC

ICCAD (International Conference on Computer-Aided Design) - "the worlds premier conference in electronic design technology".
Previous: Archives ICCAD Next: page of announcement of the next conference ICCAD

ASPDAC (Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference) - analog of DAC conference in the Asia-Pacific region. The issues related to the design automation in electronic industry.
Last: January 2017 Conference website: page of announcement of the next conference ASPDAC

SBCCI (Symposium on integrated circuits and systems design) - leading South American Conference on design of electronic circuits and systems. Held annually in Brazil.
Next: 29th SBCCI (August 2016)

GLSVLSI (ACM Great Lakes symposium on VLSI) - it is discussed the results of theoretical and experimental researches in all areas of VLSI design.
Previous: Archives GLSVLSI Conference website: http://www.glsvlsi.org/
EWDTS (IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium). The purpose of the symposium is expansion of international cooperation and exchange of experience among the leading scientists of Western and Eastern Europe, North America and other countries in the design automation, testing and verification of electronic components and systems.
Previous: Archives EWDTS Conference website: http://ewdtest.com/conf/

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