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Benefits provided by the participants of the sponsorship program of conference MES-2018
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Registered participants: 324 from 8 countries from 31 cities from 100 organizations

Financial terms of participation

Cost of participation

Attention: speaker (the author or co-author of any), in case of adoption of the report, shall pay the target fee before 10 June 2018. Otherwise, the report will be removed from the conference program and is excluded from the Proceedings.

The size of the target fee of participants (rubles), with payment:
  until July 17, 2018until September 5, 2018cash on 1 October 2018
for the rest
Target fee includes the cost of preparing and publishing information materials and conference proceedings, facilities and office equipment (arrival 1 October 2018, departure 5 October 2018), reception of the Organizing Committee.
Attention: the target fee is the payment for a participant, not for the report. Samples:
  • 1 author - 1 report: ⇒ 1 target fee.
  • 3 co-authors - 1 report - one speaker come: ⇒ 1 target fee.
  • 3 co-authors - 1 report - all co-authors come: ⇒ 3 target fees.
  • 1 author - 3 reports: ⇒ 1 target fee (you may save!).
  • just listen, no report: ⇒ 1 target fee.
It is considering the question of allocation of grants to enable young scientists to pay part of the cost for the conference.
Participants, suggesting accommodation at the conference, should make their own hotel reservation and pay for it. Booking details.

Help on pay and living


Scientific Secretary of the Organizing Committee MES-2018 Vyacheslav Boriskin:
  • 8-499-729-9569 (direct)
  • 8-499-729-9890 (add 119)
  • email:

Chief accountant Tatiana Andreeva:
  • 8-499-729-9760
  • email:

Advice on booking Natalia Filenkova:
  • 8-499-729-9890 (add. 217)
  • email:


Vice-chairman Natalia Smolskaya:

Official partners of the conference
Институт нанотехнологий микроэлектроники РАН НПК “Технологический центр” Фонд Сколково Фонд инфраструктурных и образовательных программ Intel Corporation

Sponsors of conference
ОАО "ИНЭУМ им. И.С. Брука" ЗАО "ПКК Миландр" ОАО НПЦ "ЭЛВИС" Megratec-Inline Group

Informational support in printed editions
Журнал "Информационно-управляющие системы" Журнал «Информационные технологии» Известия высших учебных заведений. Электроника Журнал "Нано- и микросистемная техника"

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